Myriad Therapy; Cannabis

My previous post I have briefly mentioned Cannabis and the use and I want to highly emphasize that I am now legally through MMCC able to use for my epilepsy diagnosis.

I have recently tried the myriad theory which is for those who are unfamiliar a high does of THC and CBD in strains of marijuana. I noticed within the first week that my body was forced to relax. I started with a strain called Tainted Love. It is an Indica hybrid and it is higher in CBD than THC. The ratio that I asked for was either a 1:1 or something equivalent. I wanted to note that the first experience I had was a headache the first time I smoked and it was very little after that I did not have a headache. The other substantial affect is that I did not have any absence seizures since this therapy. I have not felt spacey and I have felt like I can accomplish more during the day when I use my marijuana therapy in the morning. The only downside I had to this is that smoking it burned my throat terribly. I also realized that maybe an Indica would be better at night/evening and Sativa during the day because sativa strains are more dominant in energizing.

*For those curious who have never used cannabis or the myriad theory before yes it will get you high however it is not a terrible experience of paranoia or rapid heartbeats. I cannot have anything to do with whatever type of strain does that to the body I believe some types of sativas do that to the body. Personally for my own benefits triggers are anxious high anxiety so that would not do me any good for healing my epilepsy.

It has been about a month on marijuana therapy and I have had one gran-mal seizure that my husband had noted was the shortest one he’s ever seen. Which is the best news I have heard even though it was hard to hear I had another. I want to also note that my neurologist also suggested taking a new medication that is called Onfi. I take that at night and it has been about 2 weeks. I am very tired on that medicine however I sleep better at night. I noticed today though that I had tremors like someone would be cold. They started in the morning and the disappeared through the evening. A lot of the marijuana therapy helps the downsides of anti-epileptic drug therapy treatment side effects.

I have tried many if not mostly all the AED for my condition. I had Stevens Johnson’s disease with lamictal, topamax made me hallucinate, depakote made my hair fall out. I am sure there are more on that list that I cannot think of but I have also taken Zarontin and Keppra and those two drugs have somewhat helped for years. Until I believe I had built a tolerance for these drugs. I also have had VNS therapy surgery which is a pacemaker put on my vagus nerve that helps stimulate the brain to relax.

There was a time where I was seizure free for almost four years. It is hard to imagine now. That is when I had my son. I am blessed that I did not have any while pregnant with him and he is now 9. He also shows signs of absence seizure epilepsy and takes Topiramate. This drug has worked wonderful for him and I have not noticed a seizure in almost 2 years. We are not all definitely equal and some of us are highly sensitive to some therapies vs others. He actually could not tolerate Zarontin at all when we first were diagnosing and going through treatments.

Remember that not all types of epilepsy are created equal and neither are their cures. I will continue to fight for a cure and a better life for not just me but for all of those who suffer.

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