Peace Gardening

I would like to start off by saying happy July hello and welcome! In this post I will be talking about what I call my peace garden and how it helps with my anxiety.

I stumbled across two books that I could not put down through the dreadful winter months and they were about gardening. The first book I honestly finished in maybe two days I loved every aspect of creating a garden not just because it is a beautiful thing to do but to do it in harmony for you and your soul. To create that space and let the natural flow of different plants and energies of them intergrate and harmonize. Sounds silly I’m sure to some of you but for me this was and still is my escape from anxiety and depression.

I highly recommend this book to anyone I recreated what was a dead garden into something that I now enjoy every day picking herbs for dinner! Oddly I find joy in yard work and a sense of peace working with nature:) This author really inspired me to turn my backyard slowly into an oasis and slowly that is my goal💕

This picture was take last year 2019 when I first created my herb garden spiral

The second book I was introduced by a family member was about Straw Bale Gardening. I had never heard of straw bale gardening before and thought it was odd in the beginning why someone would do this? However I live on the eastern shore and my yard is a sand pit literally you can make a sand castle in the driveway (although I don’t recommend it 😕) So I decided to give this method of growing crops a try this year; tomatoes, peppers, banana peppers, peas, bush beans, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and cucumber!

This picture was taken in the spring this year as I was conditioning them

So far I love this idea of growing plants in straw bales that have been fertilized/ conditioned for growing. I used 10-10 to get the process going faster and it was more affordable for me. Next year these bales will still be good to use and they are fresh compost so the plants love them! Plus there is less weeds however I do have to pull grass out of the bales but not nearly as bad as my garden would get.

Today in July it is thriving!!

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