Immune Suppression; COVID

“She will rise with a spine of steel and a roar like thunder she will rise” – Nicole Lyons

Good morning to all you beautiful people still carrying on and fighting through the pandemic on daily struggles. Today I would like to dive a little deep into those who are suffering immune deficiency and also those who take antivirals. When everything started back in Spring when COVID still was over in China and we knew some of us did that eventually it would be here. For a country to be that prepared for a mass pandemic is unremarkable to me and still questionable to me. However I was going through my own unknown immune issues at the time. I suspected lupus because my mother has it and it showed up on her skin in the same trait it showed up in mine. Tons of testing was done biopsy after biopsy and they finally told me you are a mystery of science. I said excuse me? They said that all my levels are fine however the tissue samples from my biopsies show that there is an underlying inflammatory disease. So after being referred to a rheumatologist on a rash all over my body that I’ve had been trying to figure out for years. I’m talking like purple spots that look like bruises that fade on my legs arms and was rapidly spreading to my torso. The official diagnosis I got was Polyarteritis Nodosa, however they were still unclear what was causing that disease. I had pain in my joints and swelling as well every morning some days my knees where just too painful to do anything. They prescribed me an antiviral even though they were going back and forth on an underlying diagnosis still. What they prescribed was called Dapsome within a week I didnt have any joint pain I felt like my old self again it was beautiful. With the Dapsome I was taking I was also previously taking NAC(N-ACETYL CYSTEINE) and this was on my own research for my own well- being. I do recommend it for people who have low immunity who want to flush their systems and who are traveling right now through the COVID. I don’t recommend taking it every day it can be hard on your kidneys, which is why I stopped taking it. It was a wonderful combination for me and I think after the holidays I may do a week where I’m on it again. I did not get sick and I was tested I did run a fever but was actively taking NAC and it was negative. I still stayed in my house and didn’t want to be exposed or to possibly expose anyone. This supplement helps detoxify the toxins in your lungs and flush other toxins in your body. I will post link for that information. The news was hyping up about an antiviral that was and use in trials. I found that the one I was taking used for that same drug if people could not take it and it was useful for leprosy, HIV patients, as well as malaria. I felt secure knowing I had some backup. I didn’t freak out and buy out all the toilet paper from Wal-Mart. I believe wiping my ass was the last thing I was worried about running out of🤣. I got a lot of canned goods etc, we usually get our meat from deer and grow our own vegetables occasionally we will buy a cow or pig and take it to the amish to slaughter it. I know that some people may find this repulsive and I apologize but it is honestly the only way I can trust what goes in my food anymore. If I am raising the pigs I know that I am giving them the best life before they become too old unlike store bought meats. I would get sick when my kids where in school every time they got sick and even when they didn’t get it that bad I got it worse before taking antivirals. I have not gotten a sniffle other than allergies since starting the Dapsome. I could not be more grateful as for the purple spots everywhere, they are less not 100% gone but also not painful and spreading. It is a hot day in July and im able to do work early in my garden again without pain. Did this medicine save me from COVID? I guess I will never know but I have a feeling it protected me from the worst and to those still out there traveling please be safe. My 90 yr old grandmother ended up struggling for her life and catching it through a nursing home. It was horrifying hearing her everyday struggle through breathing treatments but luckily she was strong enough to get through it! I still see a lot of people wearing masks wrong, it does weaken your immune system which is not what we need but I feel like as a country what other choices did we have we are practically backed in a corner. I also recommend using essential oils daily in a diffuser they have so many antiviral bacterial properties in them that natutarly kill viruses in the air within minutes and keeps your immunity in-tact.

Stay healthy and safe!

NAC information Essential Oils with Anti- Viral *There is a lot more that is on that website any basic essential oil book will tell you 🙂

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