Housekeeping; Grove Collaborative

Seriously who has money for a house keeper? I wish I did but I do know that I use a lot of stuff from Grove Collaborative and it never disappoints I also buy stuff at the grocery store like bleach and windex but when I was looking at the prices of both places online and in the store I decided to switch. I can order when I run out and some of the concentrates last me forever like the one I use on the floor is a multi purpose Meyers cleaner and I have had it for over a year. They carry a variety of things even beauty products. I am not sponsoring them in any way shape or form. I would just like to point out that when you sign up for them its free if you don’t want an order that month they will remind you in an email that you have stuff in your cart. You empty it and wala no order that month and you get free stuff when you order so much. Please feel free to check it out!

**** I will leave my referral link!Which is a FREE SET of Cleaning Products! I honestly still have some stuff from mine I believe the vinegar cleanser 😉 I use it on the floor sometimes the windows and even of really dirty loads of dishes!***

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