Attitude of the World

Today I waited in line at the dispensary when another person behind me two in particular. He was an older man and he was waiting on his stuff and complaining to get him something GOOD. The young man who works replies its all good stuff and the two go back and forth from there on. The attitude of the older gentlemen was that he wanted help the guy was trying to help him even I tried to recommend something for someone who claimed they were an avid smoker twice and he looked at me like I didn’t say a word and continued to complain. Complain about how long he’s been smoking weed in his words the guy was in pampers and how he doesn’t know anything. So of course my order was wrong because he was nervous, I didn’t complain I knew why he got it wrong. On my way from there back to the car I’m close enough to their car where one shouldnt pull out and he did and zipped out and I had to back up. I knew he saw me and he stopped for a second after I backed up and flew by. I don’t understand how people can say they want a big change in the world however act like a child. On top of other submissive things in the media that portray one message and completely mean another, I can’t even turn the TV on the news anymore because all I hear in the nation is like what I hear around my house a 7, 8 and 9 year old bickering. News should not be a drama fest but factual……

Don’t waste your energy helping someone who won’t appreciate or even accept it ever✌

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