Nature Heals Time

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill


My name is Deanna and this is my blog. This is a space where I believe sharing peace, strength and healing stories can encourage growth. In 2020 I have seen more destruction than I would have ever imagined not only in the world but also within my health.

To those who are curious as what destruction could cause in ones life epilepsy would be the answer. In some aspects even before the walls felt like they were caving in with COVID-19 struggling with epilepsy and trying to find peace within that diagnosis since the age of 7 has been a symphony.

I will always share and end of a positive note even if there is a negavite situation. I feel as though some people may find this helpful and maybe they will not feel alone. So my blog will have a lot of health issues as well as trauma but it will also talk and take you into the realism of today’s values and hopefully will enlighten your perspective.

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